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Initial Strategy Session

6 or 12 month VIP Programme

6 or 12 month Gold Programme

6 or 12 month Standard Programme

How does it work?

You will receive weekly sessions of a minimum of 45 minutes, either by Skype, telephone or in person at my home office.  

The first session is a 90 minute in depth review of the client’s current diet and lifestyle. At the second session, I give detailed feedback and recommendations on where I believe the client can make changes to their diet to begin the process of improving their nutritional intake to improve their health and begin to lose weight.

The subsequent weekly sessions review the client’s progress and the previous week’s nutritional intake and recommendations for the next week. Each week a new educational topic on nutrition for weight loss is discussed which will be pertinent to the goal of achieving a healthy diet and weight loss.

What's my first step?

There is no magic solution that solves the problem for everybody, so the first step is to have a quick talk so I can understand what you want to achieve.  

When I understand what you want, I can make recommendations on what I believe will give you the best results.  That may be working with me, but I may recommend somebody else in my network.  

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